RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

NASFiC, or you told me so ...

So, we are at NASFiC.   Not having been to a NASFiC before, I'm not sure if this is better or worse than most.  Someone I know opined that NASFiCs which are tagged on to existing conventions tend to sux, but stand alone NASFiCs tend to be better.  

This NASFiC is tagged on to Archon.  

There certainly has been some interesting panels here.   Unfortunately, you generally can't hear them because they didn't get microphones.   And they also didn't publish anymore than the panel title, so you have to guess the description.

Someone should have involved a 6th grade English Class.   To help alphabetize long lists of  random things like convention area hours or area rooms.

It is good that there is a pocket program.  Why they needed to list the gaming stuff first under each time slot beats me, other than the committee must all be gamers.   Also, it would have been useful to put headings on each page or at least A BIG DIVIDER AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH DAY TO SAY "HERE STARTS FRIDAY".

There is an amusing note in the convention guide that says something to affect of "Don't trash the rooms at the Holiday Inn because they have just been renovated."   Really?   Only if you call renovated a new curved shower rod and curtain.   (With the holes from the old one still visible.)   Our room has other holes in the wall, peeling wallpaper, rusted trashcans, and a bed that died years ago.

And the consuite?   Pretty much only beer and soda.   And it opened late.

OK, so maybe I am just a con / travel snob.     But, SMOZZ just pointed out that we could have been at home with a good bed and the kitties and good restaurants within walking distance.
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