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Made my room reservations for Denvention3

I've made my room reservations for Denvention3.  We stayed at the Adam's Mark for the Bouchercon that was in Denver and we weren't impressed. So,[info]smozz and I will be staying at the Hyatt Regenecy using points.    Since there will undoubtably be no Consuite at the Convention Center, I figure we can use the Hyatt Regency Club as our Consuite kind of like we used the Hilton Executive Lounge as our Consuite at ConJose.

Even if you don't have hotel points to burn, I'd encourage you to look NOW at your options at the various hotels including AAA rates.   That is what we did for this year's NASFiC and it was a much better deal than people booking at the Con rate got.  It was cheaper with no deposit and no outrageous cancelation policy.   Based on what I've heard, I'm worried Denvention3 may also have hotel snafus.
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