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Will Smith and White Elephant

So, as some of you know, a contractor has created a white elephant across the street from Chez Wood by taking a ~700k house putting ~1m+ into it and then trying to sell it for 2m+. While I love my neighborhood, it is not a $2m neighborhood. And Chez Wood has more land than the subject house (and probably more storage space too). Needless to say it hasn't sold.

So, the developer has been doing short term rentals. The first one was to some Middle Eastern pseudo-royalty and their staff / body guards. Apparently the little princes and princesses were attending a summer program at Harvard. It was amusing to always say hello to them when they passed on the street. And some of the neighborhood kids got an experience when they hit balls into the yard.

This morning I found out from the contractor / owner that the next rental is apparently going to be to Will Smith and his wife. They are coming to Boston to shoot a movie. I'm hoping this won't be a paparazzi hairball and perhaps Will and his wife will even be a little more approachable.
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