RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

DragonCon vs. NASFiC

Wow.   I never realized what a 40k person SF convention would really be like.   A cattle prod for negotiating thru some of the hotel lobbies would be good ...  And the elevators in the Hilton are pretty fubared.   And no one is doing elevator management / lines.   Fortunately we realized that the express elevator to the restaurant at the top of the hotel also stops at 28 which is only one floor above our room ...

But, even with 40k people, the registration lines were a lot shorter than NASFiC (at least Friday night when we arrived).

And DragonCon should be complemented for actually having signs.   Of course, NASFiC should be complemented for not having incorrect signs.  (All the DragonCon signs say registration is a the Hyatt, enter from Harris Street, but it really is the Baker Street door that is open.)
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