RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

HHGTTG was wrong, it's a pillow, not a towel you should carry

Well, I finally got the Atlanta Hilton to deliver another non-feather pillow by reminding them that as Hilton Honors Diamond, I would probably get getting a survey after my stay and one of the questions they like to ask is "If there were any problems during your stay, were they resolved satisfactorily ..."

smozz is allergic to feather pillows; I have apparently been getting more so.   When we checked in on Friday we found that 1 of the 6 pillows in the room was foam rather than feather.   I tried toughing it out Friday night.   Saturday morning after a double-dose of psuedoped, I called the hotel and asked for another foam pillow.  They said they were out and would put us on the waiting list.   Last night I used one of the chair cushons as a pillow.  It was unfortunately a little to hard and big.   But, it was better than the feather pillow.  This morning I called again to ask about another foam pillow.  They said they were still out.  I asked if there was a Target etc. nearby where I could just buy a foam pillow.  They said no.  At which point I read them the riot act and stangely enough two more foam pillows were delivered within about 30 minutes.
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