RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

More on DragonCon vs. NASFiC

While, I think this DragonCon was better run than the NASFiC this year:
a) microphones in rooms
b) panel descriptions
c) signage
d) shorter lines
e) DragonCon TV - a really cool idea

There certainly were some snafus:
a) The artists in the art show are listed by a random 4 digit number which might be their badge number or something like that; unfortunately this number is also used to label their space on the map.  So for example if you look up Georgia Horesh in the alphabetic listing you find "51".  If you look up Mark Poole in the alphabetic listing you find "1292"; this is in about 8 point type.  On the map in the pocket program you find "0051" and "1292" next to each other with no rhyme or reason how they are laid out; the map is in about 6 point type - on newsprint.  UGH!

But, more importantly:
a) It really is just too big and impersonal.   Part of the reason why I go to Worldcon / NASFiC / Regionals is to see friends.  There are allegedly a couple of other people I know here, but damned if I can find them.
aa) The dealers room and exhibit halls are packed, the art show is not quite as bad.

All in all, I'm glad I came to DragonCon.  I just probably won't go to another DragonCon unless I know a group of people who are going with a purpose.   On the other hand, I probably would give NASFiC another chance.
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