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Closed for the season? Or Martha's Vineyard is a lot like DragonCon!

So, smozz and I are on Martha's Vineyard for the weekend. This is something we've been meaning to do for a long time and when we finally got off our butts this year this was the first weekend that the hotel (Mansion House) we wanted was available.

Unfortunately although this is still shoulder season and rates at the hotel are still expensive, it appears most of the Vineyard has already closed for the season. Like 50% of the coffee houses, 100% of the ice cream shops, 50-75% of the restaurants, and 75-90% of the attractions. And the wonderful hotel we've picked has some serious problems. Like the Wifi is down and their support number isn't answering the phone. Fortunately I can use my CrackBerry as a modem but 100Kbps is a let down. Also, apparently we forgot to notice that Vineyard Haven (Tisbury) is dry so we didn't bring any wine with us; we went out yesterday to buy 2 bottles to BYOB but that is insulting since we have hundreds of bottles of better stuff at home. The restaurant last night (Zephrus) cost $88 for okay food but poor service for 2 people without anything to drink.

So, all in all, I'd say Martha's Vineyard is a lot like DragonCon. I'm glad we came, but I prob ably won't be coming back. I wonder if I will like Nantucket better when we get around to that in a year or two.

P.S. It turns out that the 4th floor router / access point which I found next to the ice machine has no enet cable running to it; once I unplugged the power to it so that I could connect to the 3rd floor router / access point it started working; I wonder if I can bill them for technical expertise.
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