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Comcrapstic again ...

Once again I have apparently let Comcrap (aka Comcast) crap on me by listening to what they said. [Last year it was the "seamless" upgrade from analog to digital cable that turned into a PITA.]

I've been getting phone calls from them for a while that my old Surfboard Cable Modem was obsolete and needed to be replaced especially if I wanted to get the best possible Internet speeds.

So, as I was working from home on Monday, I went down to their local office and swapped modems. Well, the swap wasn't plug and play. I got an activation screen. Which failed. After a half an hour or so on the phone with them, we got the cable modem working Monday morning.

Tuesday things seemed to go fine.

Wednesday morning I got up and there was no Internet. The cable modem was offline and the lights were cycling. I called them and there person I spoke to said well it could be an infant failure of the modem or perhaps it was more likely there was an outage in the area or perhaps she didn't know WTF she was saying and was just reading from a script. Her suggestion was to see if any of the neighbors complained and then they would sent out a tech. I told her that seem likely to lead to my getting home and still not having any cable. So, they sent a tech out yesterday noonish. The tech said the signal to the house looked good but the modem wasn't working so it much be the modem and gave me a new modem. Which worked for about 15 minutes after he left the house. He gave me his cell phone so I called him. He made some phone calls and said it looked like there was indeed an outage in the area and it would probably clear up in an hour or so. At 4 PM there were still no Internets, so I called back. They said the outage had cleared so it had to be at my end. As they could not get someone there by the time I needed to leave the house last night, I scheduled a service call for today between 5 and 7 PM. [In fairness they did give me a $20 credit at this point.]

When I got up this morning, the lights on the modem seemed to say it was online. However I was back to the activation screen. I went through that again and it failed in a different way. Another call to 1-800-COMCRAP. Reinitialize modem. DHCP from router fails. Unplug router. DHCP from PC fails. Reinitialize modem. PC works. Plug in router. DHCP failed. Reinitialize modem. Success.

At this point I still have the service call for 5-7 PM today. I figure I will go home about 4 and if things are still working cancel the service call. Strangely enough it looks like the outage was about 24 hours from just after midnight Wednesday morning to just after midnight this morning. And, or course, no one at Comcrap will ever be able to tell me what really happened.

Update after Thursday evening shenanigans ...

Got home at 4:45 to find that the Internet had failed again in the middle of the day according to L who was at the house.  Modem looked online and status said it was online.  S/N and Power Levels (via looked good.  Called Comcrap to make sure they were still coming (and hadn't assumed the problem was solved).  Message said they were scheduled for between 5 and 7.  Got a live human call about 5:05 making sure there was still a problem and said they were coming.

A different tech showed up.  Started at the modem (which was in what had been Susan's study).  Said upstream S/N was marginal.  Went down the basement.  Was not happy with random assortment of coax assembled by Electrician, GC for the addition (in 1992), and myself.  I apologized and said I was a software guy.  Some of the ends came off in his hands.  He was even less pleased that the first tech never went down to the basement.   He redid all the ends and even replaced the 1 foot gold plated Radio Shack cable with one he made himself.  Perfectionists.   He then said.  Oh, OK, it wasn't any of that.  The upstream S/N with the modem connected to the direct coax from outside was still marginal.   He then went outside and checked on the pole.   Came in and said ~ "It's an outside plant issue; I've scheduled the outside people to come fix their crap; they should be here in 24-48 hours."  I asked if that was days or business days.  I.E. are we talking Saturday or Monday.  He said it should be fixed by Saturday.  Yeah.  Right.   But, he said he bought another couple of DB of S/N and it should work a little better  Indeed it has been working since he left.

I asked him if the new modems were more picky.  He said no.   He thinks it is coincidence.   Yeah.  Right.   Maybe it is or maybe it is heat related.
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