RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Privacy Failure

I received an email from Walgreen's which includes the following:

There's still time to print your prescription records
Your 2011 prescription records are now available online and can be printed. Log into your Walgreens.com account to view and print your prescriptions records from the past year. Take your records to your tax preparer or use the IRS website for details about deducting prescription costs on your tax return.

Except I don't have a Walgreen's Pharmacy account.

So, I created one.  Using only public information and answering three questions from other public information about places I've lived and my car (like how secret is it that it is a 1999?), I created an account and got access to my pharmacy records.  ANYONE could have done this.

I need to think about this.  I think there is something I need to do.  I'm not sure if it is

a) complain to Walgreens
b) lodge a legal complaint
c) never use Walgreens again
d) move to a dessert island
e) something else

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