RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Day 3 of car repairs

Day 1:  Take car in for Oil Change, Look for Radiator Leak (coolant leak - losing 1 pint a week), Fix Hood so that it unlocks reliably (big PITA to not be able to open hood when coolant low light is on).  Car returned with bill for (1) and (3) and report that no leak was found.

Evening 1:  Coolant low light comes on again.  Hood doesn’t open.

Day 2:  Take car back.  After head scratching, they decide it has got to be the coolant overflow cover/cap which is leaking and suggest they will take car to body shop to straighten hood for lock issue (car is 13 years old with 222k+ miles on it, but has never been in an accident (knock wood)).  Body shop will take all day, so I tell them just to deal with coolant leak.

Evening 2:  Car seems fine.  Of course, hood doesn’t always unlock still.

Day 3:  Bring car back for them to (try to) fix hood latch.

Yes, the car is telling me something.  But, I’m not sure what I would get at the moment and whether I have the money for that.  I like a wagon / big hatchback but not an SUV and I want a manual transmission.  Volvo probably doesn’t make that any more (or import it to the US – actually I do know someone who knows someone who puts manual transmissions in V70s still).  Saab is probably too flakey at the moment if they have even started production again.  Subaru’s are too prone to road noise because of the cheap way they do the side windows.  Maybe I need to see if they’ve fixed that.  (I’m not likely to buy an American car.  Sorry.)

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