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Second bike ride ...

The weather had cooled down and I haven't been getting much exercise recently, so I decided to take a bike ride this evening. This was the second ride of the season.  Sigh.  Also, I almost bit off more than I could chew.

The first was probably back in May and was from Newton Centre out Route 30 / Comm Ave to just about Route 128 (just past the Marriott) and then back.  It was probably about 8.4 miles in about an hour.   Pretty simple.

Tonight's ride was from Newton Centre  out Route 30 / Comm Ave to Lyons / Auburndale Park (just before the Marriott) where I picked up the Charles River (Bike) Path back through Waltham to Watertown Square and then back up Galen / Centre Street to home.  This was 13.7 miles in about two hours.   I really should have done it in the other direction because by the time I hit the bike path it was getting dark and then the hills on Centre Street are *steep*.  Had I done it in the other direction I suspect I could have done it in closer to one and a half hours and I would have had more light and also streetlights toward the end of the ride.   Not to mention the hills on Comm Ave are no where near as bad as the hills on Centre St.

I've been sitting here for a couple of hours cooling down and waiting to get the energy to go take a shower.  I should do that.
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