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It's not really 6 AM

For those of you wondering why I am sending mail and posting at 6 AM, it's not really 6 AM, where I am.

I flew out to Vegas Saturday for a Stratus Users Group conference this coming week. The plane (Delta Song) was about 90 minutes late leaving Boston due to a "minor" maintanence issue. When we got to Vegas we had to wait what seemed like almost another hour for our luggage. I got to the hotel about 1 AM local time. The first room they gave me was occupied and second didn't have a bed. (OK, it had a Murphy Bed but it wasn't made up.) While waiting for them to make up the bed, I figured I should deal with some Arisia mail. (And yes they said they would knock $50 of the room for tonight for all the snafus.)

At least it is 70 degrees out.

Good night!
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