RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

It's not the snow, it's the drifts.

So, I think we've gotten about a foot so far in Newton. I took out the snowblower about 5 PM and did about 4 inches (mostly the driveway as someone else had recently made a pass with their snowblower on the sidewalks on Chesley and Beacon). I then took out the snowblower again about 11 PM and did another 8 inches or so (this time including most of Chesley and part of Beacon to the light). It's hard to tell because the wind is blowing stuff all over. In the main part of my driveway I'm getting a lot of snow off the roof, so I probably had another 16 inches there. Hindsight being 20-20, it would have been a lot easier if I went out about 8 or 9 PM and then again at 11. 12 inches is the most my snowblower can easily do. 16" requires forcing the first pass by pushing forward about 4 inches at time and then backing off. Subsequent passes can be done by not going full width into the snow. Of course, this has probably set my sprained ankle back.
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