RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Craig's List Vent

Why is it that people posting forsale to Craig's List (www.craigslist.com), don't have enough of a clue to post the model numbers for electronics? And 50% of the time when I bother to send an email asking, I don't get a response and 50% of the time I get a response in about 5 days. I wonder if there is some way to get feedback to the Craig's List people to update their FAQ.

I'm looking for some Pioneer stereo stuff to set up another stereo with a system similar to the one in the family room. We finally decided to "upgrade" SMOZZ's 25 year old "stereo" from Sears. I figure it would be real good to have similar remote controls, etc. for both of our systems. The new stuff is too pricey for what we really want or doesn't have what we want (outputs for two sets of speakers).

And yes, I'm checking Ebay, but I figured I should also check Craig's List while I was at it.

I'd love to find a Pioneer VSX D701S which was a mid to high end home theatre receiver when we bought it. I looks like I'll have to settle for a VSX D1S which was the top of the line from about the same time (as I can never find a D701S for sale). VSX D1S appear weekly, but I'm hoping to get one for a little less than they have been going for ($100-$200 rather than $200-$300).

And while I'm venting, I can understand how people without a lot of room toss the original packing boxes, but how do what seems like 50% of the people lose the remote controls?
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