RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

It's fourth of July weekend, this must be ...

I'm at Westercon in San Diego, my 4th in a row. It's a nice but smallish (500-750 people) con. Besides giving me a chance to get to some smaller cities (last year was in Calgary which was a wonderful experience, the year before that was at the Wigwam in Phoenix which I consider a wonderful resort, and the year before that was at SeaTac), Westercon is turning into Smofcom summer. It is also somewhat of a relaxacon for me. I tend to do (volunteer) less at Westercon than I do at Worldcon and the local cons.

Last year I didn't even go to Worldcon (Glasgow), but I went to Westercon. Next year I most probably won't be going to Worldcon (Yokohoma Japan NOT Tokyo*) but I plan on going to Westercon (Bay Area, San Mateo Marriott).

*I've been to Japan 3 times already including once with Susan for about 8 days for our 10th wedding anniversary. I'd be a lot more interested in going if they had picked a more interesting venue like Kyoto.

It is also worth noting that this is my first con since 2004 where I am fully employed. (I got laid off just before Arisia 2005.) While I haven't gotten paid in my new position yet so I'm trying to not spend too much money, it is nice to not have to totally worry about money.
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