RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Puppygate ... the dangers of fast printers ... and ... how I wasted about 100 sheets of paper ...

So, I went to print out Deidre Saoirse Moen's recommended voting strategy to combat Puppygate using the link in the Slate article. After a couple of minutes, I realized the printer was still printing. So, I had to get up and hit cancel. Fortunately it was just an HP5000 (12 ppm) as opposed to an HP9000 (50 ppm) as that probably would have gone through an entire ream of paper instead of the only 100 or so pages of paper I did waste. I really should be more careful. (The link in Slate posted to her blog post which had many, Many, MANY comments.

If you are not familiar with Puppygate, check out Slate or EW or even grrm post here http://grrm.livejournal.com/417125.html
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