RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Robert's Rules and Voting

So a question came up today while I was presiding over part of the Arisia Corporate meeting (due to a chain of unfortunate occurrences - I am not one of the principal officers but am instead currently Convention Treasurer and happened to be filling in for Clerk / Secretary who was unable to make the meeting; the President was also unable to make the meeting; the VP was presiding for most of the meeting but had to recuse herself from running that part of the meeting as it involved appointing her to something which needed to be voted on). As it turned out my ruling would not have affected the outcome, but still.

Once a vote has started, if other members enter the room, should they be allowed to vote? I ruled that they could and no one moved to overturn my ruling, but at least one member questioned it. If it matters, the vote was by secret paper ballot.

Was I correct?
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