RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Green Line D trains on the C branch ...

So, on Sunday the MBTA was reporting hosed service on the D Branch of the Green Line due to a disabled train at Longwood. Their twitter feed talks about various options like busing, taking the C branch, or using commuter rail to Yawkey. However, I have at least one eyewitness report (L's BF) of a train that stopped at Kenmore, announced that everyone going between Fenway and Beaconsfield should get off for busing, then proceeded down the C branch to Clevland Circle where it took track at the end onto Chestnut Hill Ave, back onto the stub tracks between the Clevland Circle and Reservoir stations, back onto the D branch, where it reversed into Reservoir Station and stopped. From there it continued down the "Highland Branch" to Riverside as normal. All with passengers on it. I'm wondering how often the MBTA actually does this?
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