RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

A Glut Of Office Supplies

I've been going through the excess office supplies from this year's World Science Fiction Convention (aka Worldcon), Sasquan, in preparation for making a list of them and repackaging them to send on to next year's Worldcon, Midamericon II, in KC. It appears we have done our fannish duty to increase entropy by adding to the number of paper clips, push pins (seriously they ordered like 1700 and used less than 500 most of which were returned), pencils (144, of which I'm pretty sure 96 were left over from the last Worldcon), staplers and staple removers (8 each), and of course staples. Actually I'm really not sure what I was thinking when I ordered a box of 5000 staples to go with each stapler since only about 50 staples was actually used in each stapler. (Yes, I did most of the office supply ordering.) Also I ordered 500 sheets of cover stock for one area (2 packages of 250 sheets per package). It appears we wound up with about 2000 sheets of cover stock (at least 8 packages) and 4 of those packages had about 5 sheets each taken out and the other 4 packages were unopened.

My hope is by making a list of what we are shipping the 2016 Worldcon in KC there will be less excess ordering. Yeah. Right. (And yes, when you are dealing a million dollar budget, this is all in the noise. But I still find in humorous, especially in that "I've been up for too long" sort of way.)
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