RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

What to do (around London) next weekend?

So, I'm in London for about 2-1/2 weeks on business. Actually the office is in Ashford. Last week I was staying in Staines (which is nice if a little quaint; my room directly overlooked the Thames, but it was noisy, didn't have AC, and you couldn't leave the windows open because it was on the first floor). This week I'm staying in Feltham (which is kind of new but rundown). Next week I'm probably staying at Heathrow because there is a threatened rail strike and I don't want to get stuck somewhere and miss my flight. Besides, the Sheraton Skyline at Heathrow has actually been the most cost effective hotel I've checked out. (Meaning best value for the money. About the same price as Staines and I get AC and a healthclub as well as access to the Club Lounge since I'm a Starwood very frequent guest.) Apparently there are no hotels in Ashford. And most Stratus visitors don't take public transportation (rail / bus) to the office, but instead expensive taxis. Which means that I hope Stratus is saving a mega-load of money on rent by moving from Hounslow (which was easy to get to) to Ashford (which is a bear to get to; about half the trains run express from Feltham to Staines without stopping at Ashford).

Last week I took a number of walks along the Thames. One night I walked about 5 miles from Stanes to the next town via the Thames and then back by road. This weekend I mostly went into London and did the book stores around Charring Cross Road. I got Susan a signed first of a book she was looking for (Harpers Quine by Pat McIntosh). I also checked out the restaurants around Hammersmith and South Kensington.

So what do I do around London next weekend? I'm probably talking about next Sunday since I need to switch hotels on Saturday again. Also the rail strikes are planned for 7/21-22 and 7/27-29. So, things are likely to be fubar on Saturday 7/22. Various day trips that have been suggested are Cambridge, Oxford, Bath, and Stratford-on-Avon. I'd like to try to do something that SMOZZ wouldn't want to do next time we visit here. So, I probably leaning towards Bath (for architecture) or maybe Strataford-on-Avon. Any other ideas? I've actually done most of the major museums in London including the V&A and the British Museum on previous trips. I know life is tough sometimes, but I'll try to get through it. ;)

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