RKOV (paradoox) wrote,

Another Microsoft Windows Telemetry "Fix"

In the process of putting together some "new" Windows 7 machines, I managed to install some of the Microsoft "Fixes" that activated the Telemetry "Stuff" that would eat a CPU or so sending data back to Microsoft. (If you start Task Manager and see compattelrunner.exe eating CPU or running at all, you have this problem.) After investigating solutions, I came up with the following:

  cd \windows

  cd system32
  takeown /f compattelrunner.exe
  icacls compattelrunner.exe /grant %username%:f
  rename compattelrunner.exe compattelrunner.bad

  cd compattel

  takeown /f diagtrackrunner.exe
  icacls diagtrackrunner.exe /grant %username%:f
  rename diagtrackrunner.exe comppattelrunner.bad

You would need to cut-n-paste this into a .bat file and run it as an Administrator or just cut-n-paste it into a Command Prompt window running as an Admistrator.
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