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A little more interesting ... (Visted Countries)

This is a little more interesting. While I've visited 50 US States (or 51 of 51 including DC as the program does it), I've "only" visited 38 countries or 16% as the program counts.

create your own visited countries map

It is strange that they list Puerto Rico as a seperate country but not Hong Kong. At least they could have included it (PR) as the 52 state like DC. (I've been to both PR and HK as well as Southern China. So for 1 day in Southern China (and a week in HK), I get a lot of the map.)

Also the Carribean Islands tend to blend together, especially when you are on a cruise ship. I think I got it right. Not that you could tell from the map, but you might be able to from the underlying HTML code. I've been to most of the northern & western islands but not the southern ones.

I think the blob in the northern north atlantic is part of Norway.
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